Everything You Need To Know

Worm wood is an herb that is part of the daisy family and is well known for its bitter, medicinal flavor that it holds. Occasionally, wormwood has been used to flavor certain foods. This herb, which is also the basis for worm wood tea, has been around for countless generations. It was actually used quite frequently in the days of Ancient Egypt and Rome. There are various medicinal purposes for using this herb and the teas that you make from it – which is why it is still in use today, thousands of years later. Some of the various things you can use it for health-wise include: problems with flatulence, bloating, indigestion, treating jaundice, regulating women’s periods, treat fevers, help with respiratory illnesses, and the list really does go on.

Aids Digestion Problems

One of the most beneficial uses for administering wormwood tea is for the positive effects it has on aiding digestive problems. The number of benefits it has in this area is countless. It can help relieve stomach pains, rid feelings of constipation, reduce pain from heart burn and gas, as well as help to liven a poor appetite. For this reason it is often recommended to those that are suffering from anorexia as it can stimulate appetite, making it useful for those that have trouble with weak appetites.

Skin Health

Another useful benefit behind the use of wormwood tea is that it can help keep your skin feeling and looking healthy as well. Wormwood can allow your skin to feel more moisturized, reducing dry, itchy, feelings. Wormwood tea can be taken as a drink, but it can also be applied topically as well. Allow the tea to cool then gently pat it onto your skin with a paper towel to give your skin a more rejuvenated feel.

Body Cleanser

Wormwood tea is known to contain anthelmintic properties. These properties can help expel parasites and worms from the body, making it useful as an anti-parasitic. Those that are suffering from parasites such as roundworms often make use of this bitter tea to help expel them from the body. This particular herb can also help detoxify the body from unwanted toxins, encouraging the proper function of the liver and immune system.

Directions: The way that worm wood tea is prepared is that you steep one bag of this tea in boiling water for about 15 minutes. Since this herb does have a very bitter taste, it is highly recommended that you add something to the herbal drink like honey or sugar in order to mask the bitterness and make it taste better. This is definitely not an herbal drink that you want to drink just for the fun of it. This is strictly for the medicinal properties that it affords you. When it comes time to drink the worm wood tea, the best thing is to drink it without having eaten anything. That way, your body and system can fully absorb the herbal drink and not have any food get in the way of it. Most people tend to drink it about 20 minutes before they eat a meal, but if you find that causes you to become sick to your stomach, then you can do it earlier than that. Just be sure not to drink more than three cups a day and not to use it for too many days in a row so you do not become sick.

It is important to note that if you drink too much of worm wood tea, it could have a negative effect on your health instead of a positive one. Therefore, you need to limit your intake of this herbal drink to just three cups a day and try not to drink it more than two days in a row. Also, if you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or you are nursing a baby, you need to avoid this herbal drink so as not to harm your baby. It may be discouraging to think about drinking something like this if it has potential to hurt you, but keep in mind that even the best things for your health can hurt you if you do not use them correctly.

We hope that you’ve been able to find this article informational and useful. If you wish to purchase this helpful herbal remedy it is sometimes found in some health food stores, though it is generally easier to purchase it online. When purchasing wormwood tea online, it is good to use a trusted source that uses all natural ingredients like Buddha’s Teas. For further questions, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help answer any inquiries. Do not partake in this tea if you are pregnant or nursing. Always ask a physician prior to drinking this if you are currently on any medication or have had a history of serious illness.